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Fibersorb Spice Jar


ChocoFit is one of the safest weight management methods currently available. Chocofit is made with Fibersorb which is designed to act naturally and physically in your body, not chemically. It is also one of the few diet products in the world that can be used by children. Just 3 bites of ChocoFit is equivalent to 30 grams of other dietary fibers which is the recommended daily allowance. Just 1 ChocoFit bite has the capacity to absorb up to 50 grams of fat or 450 calories. Each ChocoFit Bite also has the capacity to expand 200 times its size once digested making you feel full, therefore, eating less. Dr. Triana always recommends exercise and healthy eating, however, studies show a 4-6 pound monthly weight loss with no change in diet.