What is Fibersorb?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use Fibersorb™ for Health and Weight Management?
A: 1 scoop mixed in your favorite beverage or sprinkle on your meal 3x/day.

Q: How do I achieve Maximum Weight Loss Benefit?
A: 2-3 Scoops (2.5-3.0 grams) 3x/day mixed into your favorite beverage or sprinkle on your meal.

Q: How much liquid should I drink?
A: It is very important to take Fibersorb™ together with plenty of liquid, which works as the key to activate the functionality to its full potential. The recommended water intake per 1 gram is 200-250 mL, for best results. Longer-term use of the product is recommended for best results, rather than increased dosage for a shorter term.

Q: Are there any side effects that come with taking Fibersorb™?
A: No, Fibersorb™ is one of the safest body weight management methods currently available. Fibersorb™ is designed to act naturally and physically in your body, not chemically.

Q: What's the magic behind Fibersorb™?
A: Fibersorb™ reacts with water to activate and prepare the bed of oil-magnet gels. This helps to absorb excessive oil and calories and carries them out of the body through the system. At the same time, Fibersorb's™ capacity to swell up to 200 tiems with water sends messages to the brain that food cravings are satisfied, decreasing your appetite.

Q: To what extent can Fibersorb™ replace restricted diet and physical activity to assist body weight management?
A: Generally, the result is in proportion to the BMI of the person who takes Fibersorb™. If the food contains a high amount of oils and fats, significant change can be realized.

Q: Would children be able to take Fibersorb™?
A: Yes. Fibersorb™ is one of the very few weight loss products in the world that can be used by children. Multiple European studies have shown statistically significant reductions in weight and cholesterol levels in obese children using Fibersorb™ with a balanced diet when compared to diet alone. In addition, numbers of clinical studies confirm the benefits of Fibersorb™ when used in senior patients.

Q: Can you bake with Fibersorb™?
A: Yes. Fibersorb™ has a high tolerance for heat and cold conditions as well as in combination with sugar and/or salt. Make your own weight loss cookies, brownies, cakes, etc!

Q: Does Fibersorb™ block minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the body?
A: Fibersorb™ does not bind minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the body to maintain its health. Only excessive items for the body to digest are carried away with Fibersorb™. However, in the process, some part of oil soluble vitamins may be blocked.

Q: Would users of Fibersorb™ need any dietary control or exercise to realize the efficacy if they hope to assist with body weight management?
A: With Fibersorb™, many of the users are enjoying their own lifestyles without big concerns for what they eat. The true results and the voices of success make Fibersorb™ a unique and highly acclaimed product on its own. However, it is always a good idea to combine Fibersorb™ with good dietary programs, making healthy food choices and exercising.

Q: What is Fibersorb™?
A: Fibersorb™ is a 100% percent plant-based natural formula, with clinically confirmed fibers targeted for weight control.

Q: Would you elaborate further on the Fibersorb™ profile?
A: Fibersorb™ is a condensed water-soluble dietary formula, processed to the highest purity to deliver its targeted functionality and safety. Each particle is highly condensed to obtain the highest molecular weight in the natural world.

Q: What is the difference between Fibersor™b and any other dietary fibers?
A: Fibersorb™ is characterized by its super-high molecular size. It obtains the largest molecular size in nature. This means that the huge "functions of fiber" are highly condensed into a single particle.