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Fibersorb™ For Kids

With 3 grams a day on any food such as pancakes, sandwiches, brownies, or beverage, Fibersorb™ For Kids makes it easy to drop the pounds, lower cholesterol, fight against diabetes, and help prevent high blood pressure.

Fibersorb For Kids!Fibersorb™ For Kids reacts with water to activate a bed of oil-magnet gels. This helps to absorb excessive fat and calories and carries them out of the body through the G.I. system. At the same time, Fibersorb™ For Kids' capacity to swell more than 200 times with water sends messages to the brain that food cravings are satisfied, decreasing your appetite.

Just 1 gram of Fibersorb™ For Kids absorbs up to 50 grams of fat which is equal to 450 calories, which is equivalent to a cheeseburger & fries or 3 pieces of pepperoni pizza.

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Also available at your local pediatrician's office.